Why FA Tenders?

Fusion Alternatives Tenders provides a seamless, efficient system for managing both sales & buys.

About Our Tenders

Together with our partner, I. Hennig & Co., Fusion Alternatives Tenders is a leading specialist in operating international diamond tenders. We hold regular diamond tenders for original outside rough, polished, melee closeouts, fancy colour and special diamonds. Working together, Hennig and Fusion have the ability to offer turnkey projects which include diamond valuing, sorting, tendering, and client selection. Our global reach allows diamond and jewellery buyers from all locations to access to these goods in a single tender, in a secure and discreet environment in I. Hennig & Co’s offices.

    • Improved Access for Buyers
      Buyers have access to a wide range of goods, on a regular basis at highly competitive prices, allowing them to maximise buying opportunities and profits.


  • Better Channels for Producers
    Fusion Alternatives provides diamond and jewellery companies, brokers and retail outlets, an innovative and highly competitive channel for liquidating diamond inventory. We provide value-added services for melting, cleaning, sorting and tender preparation. Together with client selection from a broad range of global industry leaders, this allows sellers to liquify assets in a seamless and efficient manner.

Management Team

Fusion/Hennig Tenders is the world’s leading independent diamond marketing and tendering operator. Its reputation within the global diamond industry speaks for itself and is a trusted partner and service provider to numerous clients with businesses throughout the diamond pipeline. The senior management comprises prominent diamond industry executives with experience and expertise which is unparalleled in the industry.

As a trusted service provider we offer our clients a global infrastructure with a dedicated team of over 20 professionals looking after the logistics, marketing and corporate activities services and a further 50 professionals providing diamond sorting and valuation services. Our underlying aim is to not only be a service provider but rather a trusted and transparent business partner.

Our strong infrastructure allows us to pass on cost savings to our suppliers attained through our global  financial and administration infrastructure.


At Fusion, we collaborate with our clients to maximise the value of their diamond assets. Via a fully integrated turnkey service, we ensure sustainable and quantifiable sales and purchasing channels for our clients through both good and challenging market conditions.

Fusion Alternatives has recently launched an innovative online diamond tender platform. This provides a completely secure closed bidding system, and is geared towards providing our clients with a user-friendly and accessible environment for managing both sales and buys, thereby providing tender participants with a cutting edge experience that produces fast and measurable results.

Regular Diamond Tenders in Major Centres

Fusion Alternatives holds regular tenders in major international diamond centres including Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Johannesburg, enabling us to offer our clients direct access to product and buyers from across the globe. Our offices are secure, safe and comfortable for our buyers, with all the facilities necessary to conduct our tenders discreetly and successfully.


How Does It Work?

Buyers and sellers apply to participate in our diamond tenders, and once approved have access to our online and offline tender environments. Sellers submit goods for tender, first submitting inventory lists for review, then shipping selected goods to our offices for sorting and other procedures if necessary. Goods are presented to buyers in lots for tender, viewing on an appointment-only basis during designated days. Buyers’ offers are submitted on a closed-bid basis. At the close of the tender, bids are processed, with top offers submitted to sellers for review. Winning lots are available to buyers immediately post payment.

Please contact us for more info on participating in FA polished and rough diamond tenders.


Become a Buyer or Seller

Apply as a Buyer or Seller using our online Registration form.

Please note that all buyers and sellers must be active in the industry and fully compliant with all regulations governing AML and Kimberley Process. We will review your application and notify you by email once it has been approved, with your site access details. Membership authorisation is dependent on submission of additional documentation which is a legal requirement governing diamond trading.

Buyers and sellers must be approved in order to attend a viewing or submit inventory for supply.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exciting Diamond Tenders!