Frequently Asked Questions

» Who are we?

  • Fusion Alternatives is an innovative company providing consulting, trading, strategic and marketing services to the diamond industry.
  • With 120 years of service to the diamond industry, I. Hennig & Co. Ltd. is the largest global diamond broker and consultant, with personnel and offices in all the major diamond centres.

» What are Diamond Tenders?

  • As part of our international brokering services, we now offer diamond tenders for rough, polished, melée and close-out goods.
  • Buyers have access to goods they would not normally see, at highly competitive prices, on a regular basis allowing them to maximise profits.

» Our Promise

  • Fusion Alternatives and Hennig provide diamond & jewellery companies, shops and brokers, a new and better channel through which to buy and sell their diamond inventory.
  • We bring you the most trusted name, heritage and ethics, together with the highest level of customer service and expertise to ensure a successful solution to your diamond and business needs.

For more information about participating as a buyer or seller in our Diamond Tenders, please call Fusion Alternatives on +44 20 7183 0244 or email tenders@fusionalternatives.com.