Storm Mountain Diamonds recovers 23.82ct exceptional pink to be tendered by Fusion/Hennig

Following the recovery earlier this year of a 36.06ct pink diamond (the “Pink Storm”), Storm Mountain Diamonds have recovered a second exceptional pink diamond. The 23.82ct exceptional pink diamond has been termed the “Lesotho Storm.”

Storm Mountain Diamonds is fast becoming known for its exceptional pink Type IIa stones. Storm Mountain Diamonds is a wholly owned subsiduary of Namakwa Diamonds and owners of the KAO Mine in Lesotho.

Lesotho Storm exceptional pink diamondFusion/Hennig Tenders will tender the 23.82ct “Lesotho Storm” pink diamond, along with a 51ct and 35ct yellow diamond and the full run-of-mine production in both Dubai and Antwerp from 21 September – 7 October, 2014.

The tender will comprise over 30 000 carats encompassing the full range of sizes and assortments, including large and special stones.

Due to the strong interest in the tender, viewing appointments are limited. To request an appointment please email appts@fusionalternatives.com.

Commenting on the upcoming tender, Fusion/Hennig Tenders’ CEO Adam Schulman stated “The KAO production is a premier production from Lesotho and the ability to offer another rare pink stone, the “Lesotho Storm”, makes this tender all the more exciting.”