Fusion/Hennig to Tender Rough Production from Ekapa Minerals

Fusion Tenders is pleased to announce that it will be tendering the full production from Ekapa Minerals (member of the Kimberley Miners Forum) in Antwerp.

The tender viewing will take place from November 26 to December 2 in Antwerp. The tender will comprise over 16,000 carats covering a wide range of sizes and assortments including two +20 carat Special Stones.

Due to the strong interest in the tender, viewing appointments are limited. To request an appointment please email rough@fusionalternatives.com.

Commenting on the upcoming Fusion Ekapa Rough Diamond Tender, Fusion Tenders CEO Adam Schulman stated “We are very excited for the opportunity to tender the Ekapa production in Antwerp. It is an exciting and consistent production from the Kimberley tailings/dumps and should be of tremendous interest to our buyers. The choice of Ekapa Minerals to use our tender services is attributable to our global reach and ability to provide our clients with turnkey value added sales solutions for their rough productions in challenging market environments.”

Commenting for Ekapa Minerals, Managing Director Jahn Hohne stated “Ekapa has for the past 6 years marketed its “Kimberley Miners Forum” KMF diamonds in both Dubai and South Africa and are pleased to now be able to offer the Kimberley mine dumps production in Antwerp through the well-known Fusion tender facility. We trust all our supporting customers from all over the world will follow our goods to Antwerp and continue their appreciated support of the Ekapa production as they have in the past.”

About Us

Fusion Alternatives Fusion Alternatives is the leading specialist in operating international Diamond Tenders. Fusion Tenders are renown within the global diamond market for its professional and transparent diamond tenders offering its international clients with the full range of diamond tendering and value-added services.

I Hennig & Co. Ltd the distinguished international diamond brokerage firm, is renowned for offering brokering, consultancy and the widest range of relevant services to all components of the diamond industry pipeline. Established in 1890, with a strong focus on brokerage between its clients (the world’s leading diamantaires) and the De Beers Family of Companies, Hennig, and its network of group companies also provides a suite of services to the industry. These include, amongst others, solutions for rough diamond procurement from primary and secondary sources; outsourcing diamond polishing and factory management; marketing and sale of rough and polished diamonds, upstream and downstream integration consultancy and diamond investment tools.

Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd is the associate marketing company for Super Stone Mining (Pty) Ltd, which in turn is the processing, and recovery company for Kimberley Miners Forum (Pty) Ltd Kimberley Mines Tailing Dumps Diamond recovery project in SA.

Super Stone Mining has been actively processing tailings dumps in Kimberley for the past 24 years.  The company was founded by Jahn Hohne (Managing Director) and his brother Peter Hohne (Operations Director) who still today oversee and manage the day to day operations in Kimberley.