Fusion – May Tenders Month

Following on the robust Q1 of 2014, Fusion/Hennig Tenders have a full schedule of exciting original tenders in the month of May.

In South Africa, we will be tendering the productions of Alexkor, North West (Namakwa), and Diamcor from the 4 – 13 May.

In Antwerp, the full RoM KAO tender will be held the 16 – 22 May, including a 113ct diamond, and a number of other large 50ct+ diamonds. In addition a full range of sizes and qualities, including fancy colours.

Our AFRICA rough tender, comprising a selection of melee to 5ct digger goods will be held the 5 – 8 May.

Lastly, we are delighted to also announce that are Large Stone Rough Tender for 10ct+ original diamonds from West Africa will take place in both Ramat Gan and Antwerp the 11 – 28 May.


Demand is high, and spaces limited, so please contact to register for a tender.