Silent Auction announces its next upcoming Silent Auction Online Tender event on Tuesday 22nd November 2022. is an independent, not-for-profit polished diamond trading platform owned by the WFDB; with more than 4800 supplier members, listing over 1.7m polished natural diamonds valued at more than $6.5bn for its 20,000+ membership to purchase, is the largest diamond marketplace in the industry.

The online events are run on the platform, which is an extremely user-friendly, powerful and feature-rich trading environment. Applying a unique algorithm-based selection process, the most attractive stones based on current user activity and stock movements are listed for each specific event.

The next tender event features 3 special elements:

  • Free shipping and 0% commission on all purchases
  • Exclusive diamonds marked as “new on the market”
  • Diamonds marked as “special price” from suppliers

To register on the platform, go to main page and follow the simple registration process.


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